‘Jules and Nina Dine Out’ has its day in the sun…

‘Jules and Nina Dine Out’ has its day in the sun…

I just love reading reviews of my books. And at the same time, I’m always holding my breath that everyone will like them. While that’s possibly quite an unrealistic expectation in this literature-rich world we live in, I am happy to say that so far, so good.

Read on for 2 more reviews of my book ‘Jules and Nina Dine Out’.

Hey, and if you happen to read some of my books, why not send me your own review? I’d love to hear firsthand from you what you think.

Dillydrops said that one of her child reviewers ‘particularly enjoyed the descriptions Jules gave of her food when she was trying to make it sound more disgusting when describing it to her sad looking dog outside. He liked the idea of, “Giant Grasping Grasshoppers,” when describing lamb chops and the “‘Greasy Goblin Fingers’ from the goblins of the ‘Enchanted Everglades’” when describing chips. He loved the alliteration in this story as well as how it made him think about how he could describe some of his food.’

Thank you Dillydrops!

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ReadItDaddy says,‘We love the way this book delves into doggy / human relationships in a funny and often quite touching way and we’re hoping that this is just the start of Jules, Nina and George’s adventures from Anita and Agata. Enjoy the story, and look out for all the hidden snails popping up on each page (count them all!)

Thank you ReadItDaddy!

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